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Buck Maxner says:  Ye hapless chump is not so hapless after all.

Click here for the shocking punch line.

You might wonder what the seemingly weed-induced poem may have meant...

Pong to the ping
Ping to the pong
Pooka and fygar
Will do no wrong

A prance to the dance
Would fall a bit short
The 5-eyed fops
Have mastered the sport

Dig Dug rocks, but I can't compete with the super-nerds (4 eyes plus the gift of amazing hand-eye coordination)

A surf on blue turf
Is the way to go
But it's only a ticket
For a cellist's bro

Web surfing, slightly similar to data mining; blue turf - Kitzhaber's realm.

Diem's (a cellist) brother has taken a job that may provide a service for the former governor.

A jewel of mine
With a swig of dark gold
Yields only crossfire

With a segal of old

Jewel of mine refers to ANWR; dark gold - oil

As in Steven Segal - refers to ridiculous movie where he goes to Alaska to fight (literally) oil execs

A crater is key
But one not too deep
Where it begins
Leaves of green one will seep

Not Crater Lake (off the Oregon PCT)

Typo - meant to say "steep", as in steeping tea - common at Vietnamese receptions.

Adventurous souls
The way and the will
A bucket of shame
Yet five pays the bill

A dead giveaway!  It refers to the shame of losing the $5 marriage bet to Bill by a mere 2 months!

Bill shoulda gotten this one.

Blang to the bling
Pong to the ping
Upward not forward
Will bring everything

Don't ask me what this last stanza means.  I just work here.