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Whether it's the hard-working groundskeepers, or successful business owners, Maxner/Biffits will work for the prosperity of all Americans.  Here is our comprehensive 3-point plan for our economy.

1.  Voodoo economics works.  We will reduce income taxes to a 1% flat rate, which will spur economic growth and thus bring in more future revenues, which will balance the budget.  Our future Treasurer Peytair Ungarten, has validated the feasibility of this plan.

2.  We will allow special tax breaks to ship jobs to terrorist states.  Terrorists with money in their pockets will be less likely to attack America.

3.  Bush and Cheney were right to make fighting communism and threats from states our number 1 security threat (above terrorism) prior to 9/11.  But we must continue to ensure that communism does not take over our great nation from the inside.  That is why we will fight any attempts to leave our prosperous Americans at a disadvantage, which includes reviving Mcarthyism.  We must put the "communist" label on those who seek things such as a "living" wage, healthcare, affordable housing, progressive taxes, and safety standards in the workplace.  Our future NSA Grab Bardiner will oversee this new policy that protects America from the communist threat.