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Under the Bush regime, a higher percentage of Americans are without healthcare.  Kerry's plan it too costly and will result in higher taxes.  Dr. Buck Maxner and Gill Biffits have a healthcare plan that works.  Like Kerry, we pledge to cover 95% of working Americans, but here's the difference.  Kerry promises that 95% of Americans will receive quality healthcare (i.e. the same coverage as our senators).  Instead, we pledge to provide low quality healthcare to those who can't afford it.  If you have no money, you get Dr. Nick.  The government plan will negotiate for the lowest possible price, regardless of quality, and those who enroll in this plan will have to sign a waiver form, virtually eliminating "frivolous" lawsuits.  This saves billions of taxpayer dollars and gets most Americans covered.  It also reduces the costs for aspiring healthcare practitioners to get an education.  It is a win-win situation!